Walking into the merchant’s shop, you notice several long tables near the back with roughly half a dozen patrons circled around each – all are joking and smiling, with each table clearly immersed in its own little world.  You see a variety of maps, miniature figurines, and polyhedral dice of every shape and color strewn across the tables, and as you approach, the chatter dies down while one member stands and extends a warm hand in greeting…

Who are you and what is all of this?
We’re a group of gamers located in the Tampa Bay area of Central Florida that gathers on a weekly basis to play Dungeons & Dragons, a tabletop role-playing game from Wizards of the Coast that uses miniatures, dice, and the players’ own imaginations to craft and explore rich, fantasy worlds.

Specifically, our group plays LFR, or Living Forgotten Realms, which is a shared-world campaign that’s played simultaneously by thousands of players at locations all around the world.  The adventures are designed as individual modules, each lasting about 4 hours, and can be played by any random group of players who sits down at a table on a given night, as opposed to a traditional campaign where the same 4 – 6 players play exclusively together for an extended period of time.

When and where do you play?
We regularly play weekly on Wednesday nights at Anthem Games in the Carrollwood area of Tampa from 6 – 10pm.  Occasionally we will also plan additional games throughout the month on alternate days and weekends, so checkout our official schedule on Warhorn for a complete list of our currently scheduled games.

This sounds like a lot of fun – can I play, too?!
Of course!  New players are always welcome – please take a look through our FAQ section to answer any additional questions that you may have such as where to find us, what you’ll need to bring with you on game day, and what to expect when you arrive.  Once you’re ready, visit our calendar on Warhorn to find which game you’d like to play, then simply sign-up using the instructions found on the site!

Our weekly games are graciously hosted by Anthem Games, one of the best stores in the Tampa Bay area for gaming of all varieties.  If you’re looking to pick up a new book or a fresh set of dice, please consider Anthem in your options for all that they do to support our group.

Please take note that the store where our weekly LFR games are ever so graciously hosted has relocated!

It’s only a hop, skip, and a jump away – literally on the other side of Lynn Rd. in the Publix shopping center (also by McDonald’s and KFC). The address and map on our New Player Info page have been updated with these details, so … come roll with us at the new location because there probably won’t be much of anything gaming-related going on at the old, vacant storefront anymore… :)

A very special thanks to everyone who helped make last night’s toy drive such an amazing success!!!

I’ve got to admit that I’m actually still a little bit in awe of the results – in one night, by my estimate we were able to collect over $350 worth of toys and money for Toys for Tots of Tampa Bay, and I think that I speak for just about everyone involved that we all had a pretty fun time doing it, too.  We ran two overflowing tables of games, gave away dozens of raffle prizes, and amidst it all a group brought together by their love of gaming was able to give back to help make the holidays merry and bright for the next generation of adventurers…

Not too shabby, indeed, and I don’t know about you but my mind is already spinning on what we can do to make next year’s event even better… 😉

For those who weren’t able to make it, here are a few pictures of everything that we raffled off as well as the final mountain of toys that we left behind for the Marines to come pick up and distribute later on in the month!

Thanks so much again for everything, you guys – it truly was a great evening and one that I’m very proud to have been a part of.

Only three days away!!!

Remember – you don’t necessarily even need to be playing to stop by and participate – grab some pizza, throw your name in for some great prizes that we’ll be raffling off, and of course, help us collect as many toys as we possibly can for children all around the Tampa Bay Area.

Hope to see you there!